How Much Does it Cost to Live in a Tiny House

How much does a tiny house really cost? (tiny house cost/tiny house prices)

Typically, tiny houses cost significantly lower than traditional homes. However, just as it is with traditional homes, tiny house prices vary widely. This is because different people will go for different materials, designs, and sizes, etc. and all this results to different prices.

Here are some of the factors that determine the cost of a tiny house?

DIY vs. hiring a builder

Most people who decide build their own tiny houses have prior experience and are handy enough to handle the task, and they have enough time to get it done. For these people, the overall cost goes down significantly because they won’t incur labor charges or even consultation fees when it comes to designs and everything. However, some people have no option than to hire a professional tiny house builder and as expected, they end up paying way more.

Size and shape of the house

Tiny houses come in different sizes, and other factors held constant, the bigger the size, the more the cost. This is because you will use more materials and also take more days to complete a bigger house. Again, tiny houses come in various shapes. tiny houses for sale in florida are the best choice ever. There are just common shapes that are easy to design and don’t take too many materials or time, but for most people, common can be boring hence the need to spice up things a little bit, and this leads to added costs.

Mobile vs. grounded tiny house

There are two major types of tiny houses: tiny house on wheels and grounded tiny houses. For tiny houses of wheels, they must be built to allow easy mobility, and if you plan on moving around with them, you must add the cost of a trailer, either new or used, and also ensure you have the right vehicle to move it around. Again, remember that you must pay a parking fee every time you pack the house. On the other hand, people who decide to build permanent houses incur the cost of buying a land, lucky if they have one already.

Type of materials used: New vs. used

The best thing you can do before building your first tiny house is to attend tiny house workshops because you can come out with amazing ideas of what materials to use or their alternatives. This is because the choice of materials will greatly impact the final cost of any tiny house. However, you should also be cautious not to use low-quality materials because this will affect the durability of your house.

Simple vs. luxury home

When deciding to go tiny, some people will want just a simple tiny house. For this group of people, the overall cost will be much lower as their focus is to have all the simple stuff for a simple life. However, if you are building a tiny luxury house, you will obviously go an extra mile with everything from design to the type of materials and everything else. Hence, at the end of the day, you will be spending more.

Water and Electricity installation vs. a self-sufficient tiny house

Again, you can decide to build a tiny self-sufficient house where it’s designed to harvest water and install solar panels for power. This way, you will avoid the high costs that come with water and electricity installation hence cutting down on the overall cost of building a tiny house.

Buying an existing tiny house vs. building

All though we have looked at the factors related to building a tiny house. However, you have the option to build or buy an already built tiny house. Buying a tiny ready house saves you hassles of finding the right builder, sourcing the right materials, and getting everything else done. However, you don’t really get a chance incorporate your own ideas, but you have the option of adding whatever you want once you have bought the house. Some people find building their own tiny houses to be cheaper than buying a ready one and vice versa, so it’s a matter of preference and how far you are willing to go to cut the cost.

New vs. used tiny house

You would expect used tiny houses to be cheaper than new once, but this is not always the case. Factors such as size, designs, type of materials used, etc. come to play and will determine the cost. However, always shop around before settling for one tiny house.

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