How To Choose The Right HGH Dosage

If you are looking to benefit from the use of growth hormones and have not experienced it before, you might first want to learn about choosing the right HGH dosage. Some of the factors that influence the growth hormone dosage include your health condition at the time you start HGH, body weight and body fat percentage, physique, prior experience with HGH or any other drugs you take, cycle duration, and most importantly, the financial capability. Yes, this isn’t an inexpensive drug!

The effects of HGH will most probably be the same regardless of the dosage, however, the results greatly depend on the amount you consume. For instance, if you are consuming HGH for anti-aging purpose, or to enhance your skin, bones and joints, 2-3 IUs will be sufficient for you. Similarly, if you are looking for significant fat burn or build some lean muscle mass, 4-8 IUs will do. Furthermore, if you are a bodybuilder interested in muscle gains and a vascular body, 8-15 IUs will be the right dosage for you. You must understand that these units are only aggregates and the outcome will largely depend on your training and overall diet.

HGH Dosage

You will require a low dosage varying between 4-6 IUs if you are running HGH for the first time, and your body is natural and weak. If, however, you have some experience with HGH, then up to 10 IUs will yield you better results. The only people who require a higher dose are athletes HGH for sale.

Cycle Duration

The shorter the cycle, the more HGH you need. The optimal cycle duration is three to four months, however, if you want to cut it short to one to two months, you will have to increase your dosage of HGH. Let us discuss the impact of short and long cycles.

Short cycles of 1-2 months will dramatically improve your cartilage, skin and significantly help in healing joint traumas. They are also good for cutting as they possess fat burning potency. For women, this mean 30% higher fat burning rate than those who are only restricting their diet.

Long cycles let you lower the dosage and have proved to be beneficial for bodybuilders. In this, you can burn fat easily without being on a diet, while getting efficient muscle gains. You may also yield benefits of hyperplasia, which helps induce skeletal muscle cells, hence increasing your bodybuilding potential.

Experts suggest while choosing your cycle duration, you must remember that shorter cycles always come with more side effects than the longer ones. However, long-term use of HGH increases the risk of antibodies, which could adversely affect the efficacy of growth hormone.

HGH Dosage Combined with Steroids and Insulin

There is no doubt HGH, when consumed alone, yields good results. However, when combined with steroids and insulin, the results will be even better. Also, the combination lets you consume smaller amount of each to get the same result. HGH when consumed alone will require 10 IU per day. When consumed with insulin, the correlation will be 6 to 10 IU of HGH along with 10-15 IU of rapid insulin. However, if it is consumed with insulin and testosterone both, the best combination would be 5-7 IU of HGH, 10-15 IU of insulin and 500 mg of Test-E per week.

Here you can see that as you increase the intake of performance enhancing drug, the less of each is required to get the desired outcome. In combination, steroid and insulin help with the muscle building function, while HGH assists you with fat burning and allows you to stay lean.


The general rule with HGH is that muscle building and gaining strength are not as noticeable or apparent as the fat loss effects. The good news is that fat loss will be visible immediately after few days of taking the HGH, however, effects of lean mass will be visible only during the later phase of the use. HGH, when used in combination with other compounds, such as anabolic steroids, generate quicker results compared to when you are consuming it alone. The right dosage depends on your experience with HGH before, as well as how your body responds to it.

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