The 5 Hormones Every Active Woman Needs To Know About

The hormonal system is one of the pivotal systems of your body that helps regulate the metabolism by optimizing variables like sleep, mood, fertility, energy, vitality, and growth. Knowing about the primary hormones that help maintain a metabolic balance by directing and monitoring biochemical signals in your body is essential, especially if you are a working or active woman. Hormones can be considered as signaling units that ensure your metabolism functions effectively and they are able to achieve this by regulating and optimizing a cornucopia of information within your body.

Considering the significance of hormones in helping you lead a happy and healthy life, it’s only natural that you would want to learn about them. Essentially, the five hormones Estrogen, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Orison, Cortisol, and Testosterone are considered vital for an active woman, as their release and function are influenced by factors like your lifestyle, routine, and fitness. The best way to naturally boost the levels of these hormones in your body is by exercising daily and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

See how each of these hormones help enhance your health and fitness levels.


Irisin is probably your biological fitness friend since it is the ultimate workout hormone that totally kills fat. It is also termed as an exercise hormone because when released it helps fight fat by converting bad white fat into nice brown fat through the activation of genes. It also directs the growth of undifferentiated stem cells to help them transform into cells that develop bones as well as aids in protecting the brain from any injury.


You must be familiar with Estrogen, as it is the most important female sex hormone that is responsible for shaping up the development of vital physical features and metabolic processes like reproduction and the menstrual cycle. Another noteworthy function of this hormone is the optimization of cholesterol levels in your body along with the growth of bones. For an active woman, you need to ensure that your daily routine facilitates the natural production of this hormone.

Human Growth Hormone or HGH

You must have heard of the synthetic Human Growth Hormone – (HGH), especially if you’re an Athlete or a sports buff. It might be notorious for its use to enhance energy levels or muscle mass but it, in fact, an essential growth hormone for human beings. By the way, here is a great place to buy hgh.

The pituitary gland in the body is primarily responsible for the production of the Human Growth Hormone, which helps in the growth and maintenance of cells and tissues. The growth hormone also aids in elevating energy levels and stamina. Other benefits of HGH include stronger bones, lean muscle mass, and hair growth. Moreover, it has anti-aging properties and promotes weight loss.

Studies on HGH recommend that the most natural way to achieve the growth benefits associated with this hormone is by boosting the production of HGH in the body through sleep, exercise, liver detoxification, laughter and the use of L-glutamine. Since the human growth hormone remains active in the bloodstream after its secretion for some time, the liver can easily convert it to vital growth factors such as IGF-1 which is an insulin-like growth factor that plays a vital role in childhood growth and creates anabolic effects in adults. Synthetic HGH can be taken to promote muscle mass, energy, weight loss, as well as gain a healthier metabolism, and achieve general recovery. However, it is advised to take HGH only after consulting with a physician.


Belonging to a class of male hormones called androgens, women also have testosterone which helps to grow, maintain and repair reproductive tissues. However, the relatively small quantity of this hormone is released in females. On the other hand, excess levels of the hormone in females can cause serious physical effects like acne, loss of scalp hair, infertility, irregular menstrual cycle, and growth of facial hair. Additionally, testosterone deficiency or extremely low levels may lead to weaker bones and fertility issues.


Also known as a stress hormone, Cortisol controls metabolic responses to factors like stress, anxiety, and depression. The excess level of cortisol in the body can lead to an increase in abdominal fat. The cortisol production in the body is usually influenced by your lifestyle and daily routine. In order to reduce cortisol levels, low-intensity exercises are usually recommended.

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