These Are The 5 Main Challenges Facing The Tiny House Movement

Wheels construction is not a new phenomenon but the recent increase in converts to the tiny house movement has shed some light in this activity. We therefore thought it best to share what we have discovered so far as the main barriers to this movement. The intention is to ensure you have all the facts before you join the band wagon.


#1 Land is the biggest hurdle

We all know that land is expensive and is quickly growing short in supply. This is one of the major hurdles people interested in the tiny house movement encounter. Therefore for people trying to find a balance between being close to the city where there is access services, employment and entertainment, things may not be easy. The closer you move towards the city, the smaller the available slots and the more expensive they become.


#2 It is almost impossible to secure a loan

Before you invest in wheels construction, you must realize that it is not a profit making venture. Tiny Houses don’t offer good re-sale value therefore no bank will be willing to give you a loan using the property as collateral.


#3 Most of these structures do not meet legal minimums for housing

The approach for putting up a tiny house may be a noble one but when it comes to looking at it from a legal perspective, things get a little complicated.  Many municipalities have minimum habitable structure requirements and in most cases, tiny house do not meet these standards.


#4 There are too many social pressures

Today’s society is material oriented. Basically people believe that bigger is better therefore for you to demonstrate you success in society you must go big. Such type of conditioning means enthusiasts of the tiny home movement have to overcome such social pressures which in most cases they don’t. They end up having to conform to what society dictates as the fruits of success.


#5 People are fearful

When you sum up all the above point, they definitely increase the fear of wanting to own a tiny house. The thought of joining the tiny house movement requires an individual to challenge societal norms, go against the grain and be willing to be looked at as a rebel. These are things many people fear to do. They would rather stick to what they know and keep their place in society. One may take the time to weigh the pros and cons and in spite the pros outweighing the cons, lack the guts to make that jump. It’s not easy I agree.

These are simply all the challenges you are likely to encounter as you plan to make that radical shift into tiny houses. In life, all challenges have solutions therefore, we will share with you what we feel are remedies to these challenges in our up coming posts.

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