Wheels Construction – Your Tiny House Building Checklist

If you are reading this then it means you are looking to learn more about wheels construction. We thought it prudent to begin by sharing with you this tiny house construction checklist. It is a step by step guide you can use to build your own tiny house.


# What you must have in place before you start building

The first order of business is having a plan in place.

– You must determine your household needs.
– You must select an appropriate site.
– Research i.e. talk to other tiny house owners and learn as much as possible.
– You need to create a rough floor plan.
– Don’t forget about the budget.


# What you need during construction

The difference between wheels construction and other regular construction is that you are putting up your structure on top of wheels. In other words, a tiny house is a trailer. Here is how you prepare for construction.

– You must select an appropriate site.
– Remember leveling also applies here.
– Ensure your tiny house is properly anchored.
– Remember to attach metal flashing.
– Do not forget insulation.
– Ensure to add a vapor barrier to protect against water.
– Do remember to install a sub floor.
– Ensure you frame and sheath your walls.
– Remember to secure frame to the trailer via the anchors.
– Be sure to test fit the windows and doors.
– Remember to allow a gap for expansion between the sheets of plywood about 1/8″
– Remember the electricals. Ensure locations of outlets for the lighting, fans, sockets, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in place.
– You will need to cook and heat up the place so ensure gas lines are in place.
– This is your home so ensure major appliances such as water heater, fridge, shower and cooker are in place.
– Properly plan out locations for your kitchen, the main room, bathroom and toilet as well as the drainage system.

These are just a few of the basics of wheels construction therefore, for first time builders you need to know that these tasks require expertise so we highly recommend hiring a professional.

Infographic by: thetinylife.com

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