We strive to innovate and in so doing these are the tools that make our innovation fun!

In wheels construction, one of the main construction material used is tarnished aluminum. You therefore need a Large Angle Grinder which comes in handy in all tasks that require grinding as well as polishing tarnished aluminum. This is definitely worth the investment.

A Cordless Drill Kit is one of the most basic tools that should not miss from your toolbox.

Wheels construction involves plenty of cutting therefore, a Jig Saw is a very handy tool that is perfectly suited for cutting out all unique shapes during construction or renovation. It’s such a quick and awesome tool for making rounded edges, replace birch paneling and making custom shaped furniture.

Innovation sometimes involves renovation of already existing structures. For this, the Oscillating Tool makes the perfect renovation partner especially when refurbishing a vintage trailer. It works wonders when removing damaged parts from your structure.

In wheels construction, you will definitely have to do some demolition work therefore, the Milwaukee Sawzall is the perfect tool for this phase of the construction work. This tool can cut through steel like butter. It’s a very handy tool to have in your arsenal.