iPad 5 – Rumors Round Up

Apple was the giant of Smartphone and tablet market few years ago. But with the competition from Android devices they continued to lose the market share.

Mainly they were threatened by Android phones with huge high resolution displays. So they came up with iPhone 5 with a 4 inch display. Then 7 inch tablets went viral. So they released iPad Mini to join the party, though Steve Jobs once said 7 inch display is too small to deliver great application experience. Many of 10 inch Android tablets are decorated with high end hardware spec. So Apple released 4th Generation iPad only 6 months after iPad 3. Only update there was the upgraded chipset and lightning connector. Even with that they are still threatened by Nexus 10.

With all these there are tons of rumors about 5th Generation iPad. Lets go and take a look at those.


Shape of Apple iPad 5

First, we can expect major revamping in design. It will look more like iPad mini with thinner bezels, lighter and thinner body, than previous generation iPads.

In order to make the display thinner Apple will use GF2 touch screen technology. They have already used that with iPad Mini.

Previous generation iPad is not a very light device. So they will pay close attention and take extreme steps to make the next iPad lighter as possible. One thing is they are going remove one bar of LED from display backlight. It will make it lighter and less power hungy. However they have to find a way to make it bright and vibrant same as in iPad 3 and 4.

The chipset will be Apple A6X with minor upgrades. Display resolution, camera, connectivity technologies, storage would be almost same as previous iPad.

The next iPad is expected to be released on 2013 3Q and probably before that they will release iPhone 5S with few minor upgrades. In another post I’ll round up rumors about that.

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