NoSQL Review

NoSQL is a non-relational database system, which means it is not an SQL database, which has developed getting most from the UNIX system and for its user interface; it has used the UNIX shell language.  In addition, the object databases can be classified as ‘NoSQL’ databases.

nosql-6336112 When working on complex operations with a large set of data using a table-based database system, it   needs more resources and time consuming and it is actually an incredible piece of software but it might not be the best tool for every stored procedures. NoSQL is easy to use database system, its performance is fast, and it is a portable without any limitations other than the memory and the processor speed.  It uses key, value pair to store data so, if you want to keep your data in a persistent state and have access to them, then this would be an ideal database system. The object databases are been based on client-centric architecture rather than server-centric architecture and the queries are performed on the client. In addition, without bound to server hardware limitation, the data can be partition and scaled easily. However, if you have to work with around 10 gigabyte of data table that must be update each second from various clients, you cannot rely on the NoSQL since it lacks of performance on very big tables. At the same time some NoSQL databases do not even support a basic feature like automatic partitioning, but they provide reliability features like distribution, replication, snapshot, record-level version history, and MVC. Those are the reasons people like NoSQL most.

It is closely integrated and an extension of the UNIX environment. When using NoSQL, a database is just a regular UNIX ASCII file and you can use, move and maintain it as any other files that you have access. In addition, it does not need a fixed schema or data type, it does not have the ‘JOIN’ query, and ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) properties are not important here. Moreover, queries are relatively simple than relational database system. Moreover, when using the table-based database system, there will be problems regarding the versions, but in this NoSQL database, you do not have to care about which version you are developing and which version the clients have.

There are some well know companies use the NoSQL databases as their storage and retrieval database system. Facebook’s Cassandara, LinkedIn’s Project Voldemort, Google’s BigTable and Amazon’s Dynamo are some of them. Chordless, CouchDB, Db4o, GT.M, Hbase, Hypertable, Memcachedb, Mnesia, MongoDB and Redis are some popular open source NoSQL projects.

Nowadays, the web community is more developed than it was. Therefore, it needs more technology with high performance rather than the traditional way of RDBMS to store and retrieve data. To meet the requirements of many ecommerce applications it needs an object database such as NoSQL where you can work with your own preferred language. If you have problems related to the scalability like reaching the limit of the write capacity of a single database server, amount of data is greater than a single server can hold or your page loading is being slow as well as structure related problems like tables with lots of columns and a little of them are actually used, and have a lot of join queries to deal with or your schema have a large number of many to many join tables you can think about to change to NoSQL.


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How To Compress A DVD To 700MB – Xvid & AutoGk

Compressed DVDs were getting popular in past few years because it’s easy to transfer them over the internet due to their reduced file size. Though the file size is reduced, the quality of the video is almost same as DVDs. There are various video compression algorithms to compress a DVD to 700MB file. The most popular one is DivX. But the main problem with DivX is, the compression tools having only commercial versions. But fortunately there are open source products out there which are may be better than DivX. The most popular open source video codec is XviD. (You may figure out that XviD is reverse order of the characters in DivX). Most of the torrents up loaders are using XviD codec to compress DVDs and make 700MB DVD Rips.


We can make our own DVD rips by our self. This will be really useful to compress and back up huge move collections.

Process Of Compressing DVD

  • Extract and separate Video and Audio Track in DVD
  • Index The Video File
  • Compress The Audio file probably to MP3 format.
  • Process the video index, mainly resize, color filters and remove grains.
  • Configure the Codec specially compression matrix, min and max quantizer, iFrame interval etc
  • Compress the Video.
  • Include synchronized and compressed video and audio in media container, mainly AVI.

This process may seem complex for a general user. But there are some fully automated tools to compress DVDs with just few clicks.

Getting Started


  • DVD Decrypter: This is the software we are going to use to copy DVD to hard drive.
  • AutoGK: This is a package containing many open source software which requires for each phase in video compression and playback.

Hard Drive Space

The DVD compression process requires a huge amount of disk space. Due to that it’s better if you can have more than 10GB of space free for this.

Copy DVD To Hard Drive

The 1st step is copy the DVD in to Hard Drive of your PC. When you copy it, use file mode in DVD Decrypter (Mode >> File). And remove all protection in DVD before copy. (Tools >> Settings >> File Mode >> Options). Then select destination and hit decrypt. The DVD will be copied in to your hard drive in given location without any protection.



Compress With AutoGK

Select Input And Output Files

The step one in AutoGK is selecting the DVD source and selects a destination for compressed file. Select the DVD files from the location you saved them using DVD Decrypter as the input file. You have to select the .ifo file related to main movie. Probably there will be many .ifo files, the .ifo file having related most number of .vob files must be the one for movie. Then select the output file. Give a Hard drive location which is having more than 10GB for this.


Select Audio Track And Subtitle Tracks

DVDs contain various Audio tracks and Subtitle tracks. When we compress the DVD we can select them as appropriate. When it comes to Audio tracks we must select AC3 track. If not the audio compression won’t work properly. You can select subtitle tracks as you need.

Select Output Size

When you select the output size you must be very careful. If it’s a movie having play time less than 2.20h you can go for 700MB. If the play time is more than 2.20h, it’s recommended to go for a 1400MB output size. If you have a special requirement you can go for custom size. If you’ll go for target quality, the output file won’t be standalone player compatible. In other words you won’t be able to play it in a domestic DivX certified DVD player.

Advance Parameters

If it’s a 700mb output in the resolution, go for fixed width between 672 – 640 and CBR Mp3 – 128 kbps. If you going to rip to 1400mb file make the resolution fixed width 720 which is original size of the DVD and Original Audio track.


Expert Tips

To determine Audio bit rate and resolution you can use the factor bits per pixel. To calculate bits per pixel you can use this excel sheet. If bit per pixel value for the specific case will be greater than 0.15, output file will be almost good as DVD quality. Try out different value for resolution and audio bit rate.

Start Encoding

Now it’s all done. Now hit add Job, then start. Now all you have to does is waiting till it gets converted. It may take long time and that would depend on the processing power of your computer.


For the play back video you can use DivX codec and your favorite media player. If you need to see subtitles, the software “DirectVOBSub” is already there in your PC since it comes with AutoGK.


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iPhone Camera And Applications

iPhone is a hot topic for news journals, people who love it and everyone and people who dream about it. The most important factor to make it much popular is the 3 in 1 functionality it’s having. It can be used as a Mobile phone with attractive, interactive features including the touch screen, an iPod with a widescreen and a device with huge facilities to browse internet. It is designed and marketed by Apple Inc and was released in 2007. The iPhone has become an eye catcher of the people all around the world. With all those it provides a camera and multimedia management system in built with it.


Current Camera Of iPhone

The current version of the iPhone has a 3.0 Megapixels camera in it. With the Auto focus and Tap to focus options, it gives better performances to the user. The video recording performances are also better. It gives a quality video output with 30 frames per second.

Image Management In iPhone

Although the other phones have better quality cameras, they do not provide a better image management system like in iPhone. The iPhone image management system provides facility to manage image galleries according to the subject and may other filtering factors. The competition in the world market today does not looking for the better product, It always needs the best. iPhone provides iTunes to share images from MAC or photoshop album on the PC. Through this synchronization, iPhone became more user friendly for the people who love it.

Next iPhone

The Apple Inc. wishes to release their next version of the iPhone in this June.  Although they tried to hide the specifications and technological stuffs from public, some things were exposed to the public recently. According to that information, people can think of an 80GB device with iPhone 4G phone.

Next iPhone’s Camera

The next iPhone will be equipied with a 5Megapixel camera and that make it a shining sophisticated mobile device in 2010 WWDC event where they plan to release it on next June. The device will have a larger lens than the previous versions and a LED flash light will be there to add light in night or indoor moods. The most important thing is that the internal hardware will be ‘Apple’ specific. The Omnivison’s CMOS image sensors will provide a high accuracy and the quality output.

Camera Applications


The iPhone is looking to make their features from better to best. There is software that allows users to name BestCamera to allow users to do whatever they like to do with images. The next iPhone users are waiting for something new and improved other than what they have seen so far. The user friendly image gallery is one of the most attractive facts that anyone like to see. The user can scroll through the touch screen and add the image effect he needs from the number of available effects. The next iPhone may include more effects and more interactive options. It is said that Adobe Photoshop is the best and easiest software to manage and edit pictures for general users. A person who has used the BestCamera software might think twice before making that statement. The image editing and managing can be easily done through this software. The users expect much better BestCamera software to manage images better than ever.


This software gives user a special feature to rotate the phone but not to get the image rotated. Snapture allows the user to take images by tapping anywhere of the screen. In most of the cameras user has to click on a specific button to get a shot. But with this software it makes easy to the user. The volume level zoom control while taking images is another special facility provided by this software. Snapture Premium allows the quick view enhancement. The user can take several snapshots at the same time and check each and every image with just one click. It enables the possibility to delete the rest of images while keeping the one the user wants with. It allows a special feature of making the images of several color modes available in a strip in the left side.

Camera Genius

This enables user to have a non-optical zoom. This gives a clear image without any distortion in it. Sound capture facility enables capturing the images in the place where can get the maximum sound. Different types of guides and timer facilities give user an interactive and special ability to enjoy photography.


This is a great image management application which was introduced with editing the colors of images. The user can add or edit colors of an image with just a one click.

Future Of iPhone’s Camera And Applications

There are several types of application for the iPhone with various unbelievable features. Although it has come up with several types of sophisticated apps, there will be better in near future. A noise sensor zoom facility will be something new that people can expect. Think of a party, the camera will be auto zoomed to the place where people dancing and singing. Most of the iPhone users are not that good at photography. So the users will be able to take much accurate images with this facility. A run time stop caption will be another great invention. The camera can be improved with the large number of frames per second in it. But think of an application that counts the position in 2 several times and allowing the median to guess the final image. This will be a great invention for any kind of a camera. But for the iPhone users, this will be something special.

No Camera iPhones?

Having a camera is good for someone. But, it may be a reason for someone to not to use an iPhone. Think of people who are working in security zones. So Apple may think of introducing a phone without a camera in the future. Think of a person who works in google, that person will not be able to use the iPhone because of its camera.


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Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the ones that help you to find what you want on internet in a high accurate manner. They display the results as a list in a particular order that shows most favorable once at the top of the list. In order to do that they use automated web crawling engines generally called as Spiders or Bots. They crawl through the sites all over the internet and keep a index of their markup in their data structure. Once a user submit a search query with a specific set of keywords, search engine give a result containing links to related pages according to priority defined by their algorithm. The Web developers have to pay attention on making the site they design in the top of rankings. That’s where those Search Engine Optimization techniques come to the picture. It can be dividing in to main two categories which are on page optimizing and off page optimizing.

On-Page Optimizing

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are queries you type in when you search on any search engine. In general, people call a collection of words also as “keyword” instead of telling ‘keywords’. When doing the on page keyword optimization, the developers have to consider mainly on 3 factors. They are:

Keyword Density: Too much keyword usage in your site make the search engine feels you as a spammer.  The less amount of usage let the search engine ignore your site. So it is recommended to use at least three times and not more than 5 percent of the content text on your page.

Keyword Variation: The developer can use several variations of the keywords such as plurals, misspellings or changing the order of the available keywords. Misspellings may make the page look not that professional. But it works as an optimization technique.

Keyword Similarity: Providing similar keywords such like ‘single’ for ‘one’ is a good optimization technique that can catch search engine’s eye on your site.


There is no doubt that keyword rich domain names perform much better in the search engine rankings than the domains without keywords in the domain. The difference cannot be seen that much as each site has its own way of doing optimizing. If you compare one site having keyword in its domain and other not having keyword in domain, you will definitely find a difference after a few months you have host the site.


Having a URL that includes the keyword alone does not help, but it helps when other sites link to another. A lot of people link to others by their URL, thus the anchor text will use the keyword.

Title Tags

Many developers use their site name as the title of the page. It is true that it displays that in the title bar of the browser. But, it is a very easy and efficient way to present keywords rather than displaying site name. Optimized title tags give several advantages on applying SEO to the sites.

  • The phrase you were looking for and the title tag both are same. So search results will be highlighted.
  • Increase rankings on search engines.
  • Helps engines distinguish between pages that might look similar.

Meta Tags

Using Meta-tags are very common thing that developers use. For example;

Header Tags

The header tags only do not catch the user’s attention on the page. It is a great way to let the search engines know what is the subject of your page is. If there is a need to control the size of those tags, you can easily use CSS for that. It is a bad practice that some developers use CSS to control font size other than using the header tags. Any webpage should include single H1 tag and the hierarchy of H2 and H3 tags.

Bold, Italic And Oblique Tags

The same scenario which I described earlier applies to the Bold, Italic and Oblique tags also as they let the search engine have much more attention on them. If the keywords of the websites are shown in using those tags, it will be a great way to do the optimization.

Remove Duplicate Content

In some cases, the duplicate content may cause pages to be filtered at the time of serving of results by search engines. It cannot be guaranteed that this page will be shown and this page will not. Sometimes the content will be removed from the index also.

Off-Page Optimizing

As it says in the name, Off-Page SEO techniques are not applied inside the particular website. Developers can apply them in some other websites.  Some of the most popular techniques are listed as follows.

Create Back Links

There are a number of ways to get create back links.Submiting articles to article directories (such as ezinearticles), and adding the site’s URL to web directories, pay per click and social sites will be effective.

Social Bookmarking

This is much inexpensive than having advertisements, because most of the Social sites provide free service of letting people to have links. Even they charge, the fare is reasonable. Search engines travel around the websites through the links available. Google Robot is the link traveler of the Google search engine. When providing the links to the sites even in advertisements or some other publications, it is good to look to use keywords as the available anchor text.

What Is Google Page Rank

The Page Rank is patented process of Google. This is a good method that overcame the early days search engine ranking that were based only on the content and the Meta tags of the page. Google gives every page a numerical value between 1- 10. This numerical value is called the Google Page Rank of that site and that is updated once in a 3 months. After seeing the accuracy of Google, other search engines also added a page ranking mechanism to their search algorithm.

How To Get Page Ranking In To The website?

The best and easiest way to get the page ranking to a website is to get a link from a highly ranked page. For example getting a link from a page with the rank of 5 can make your site rank as 4 if the site is trusted and if it has less amounts of links like that. It is not that worth getting links from low ranking pages. A page can be ranked 0 if it is punished by Google.

Nofollow Flags

In some of the pages like Facebook and MySpace they have added nofollow flags. After adding a nofollow flag, those back link won’t add any page rank for the target page, in other words it’s not a ‘vote’.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

There are several SEO tools that can be used to optimize the web site easily. There are categorized on each task as follows.

Keyword Discovery

There are several keyword discovery tools that tell us on what topic do people mostly search on the web. You can find them mostly free.

  • Google Adwords.
  • Trellian Keyword Discovery
  • AdCenter keyword Group Detection

Keyword Volume

It shows how many people monthly search for that keyword.

  • Google Adwords External Tool
  • SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

Backlink Tracker

They help to find how many links available for the site from the other sites and how many links available in your site.

  • Site Explorer
  • Digitalpoint’s Keyword Ranking


There are number of benefits of applying SEO to the websites. It can be commercial or social. Most important thing is that designers do not need to pay continuously.

  • Perspective
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Increase Visibility
  • High ROI
  • Long Term Positioning
  • Cost-Effective


Search engine techniques do not remain same for months. They changes. Some of the very basic techniques of optimizing are listed below. Mostly the Search Engine Optimizers’ task is to build the traffic and give a higher rank to the web site.  Sometimes what they do is not acceptable as good by the search engines. Then the search engines make changes in their algorithms or their techniques. Therefore this is like a battle between search engines and the Optimizers. So the most important thing is to be updated.


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MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a tool to design, develop and administrate SQL database as a replacement for former MySQL GUI tools buddle. It provides comprehensive set of features including MySQL instance control, entity relationship diagrams, privileges control and reverse engineering of a current live database.Most importantly you can have all the above features under one hood un-like previous MqSQL GUI tool bundle. And as always you can freely download this software without any cost regardless of the fact that MySQL tools are now developing by Oracle Corporation.


Getting Started


If you don’t have MySQL server installed, download it from here and install it. If you have WAMP server installed its already contain MySQL server. Once you make sure that MySQL server is installed and properly configured you can proceed with the installation of MySQL workbench. Download the setup file from here and simply follow the steps in installation process. In addition to that you can uninstall if you have any previous versions of MySQL GUI tool since MySQL workbench going to provide same and better service than those. Finally you can start MySQL workbench and open its main user interface.


As the first step you should connect MySQL workbench with MySQL server. In order to do that follow the path Main menu -> Database -> Manage Connections. In there you can start new connection and provide the required parameters including Hostname, port, username and password of your installed MySQL server. Finally test connection, if its giving message “Connect parameters are correct” you are done. If not you have to check whether the parameters are correct and matching with MySQL server configuration.


Graphical Data Modeling

This is one of the most important features in MySQL Workbench which was not there in previous versions of MySQL GUI tools. In order to start a new Entity relationship diagram you should go to the section “EER Diagrams” in the main GUI. There you can add diagram and start designing. Same as all the other tools you can add an entity, relationships, choose cardinality etc. The highlighted features in this tool are once you add an entity it automatically adds the primary key named as ID + entity name. You can easily develop relationships and foreign key management is automated. Most importantly if you add a Many to many relationship it will automatically adds an associate table to simplify the relationship. Once you double click the entity you can enter its specification. There you can easily add columns with data types, assign indexes, assign foreign key actions on update and on delete etc. In addition to these general features it provides advance features including role management and Partitioning to improve the performance of the databases. Finally you can create the physical data base by following the path Database -> Forward engineer. Once you do that, it will automatically create the physical database as you designed in ERD.

Reverse Engineering

This is providing feature to reverse engineer currently existing database and get the ERD out of that which is a very useful feature. In order to do that you must follow the path Database -> reverser engineer. In there you can select currently deployed data bases. You can select one of them and get the ERD out of it. Most importantly you can alter the design and recreate the data base using this tool.

Other Features

In addition to above features it provides MySQL instance control, scrip executing and various other MySQL operations. One of the most highlighted features here is Plug-in support. There are various Plug-ins provided to extend the features of MySQL workbench. In addition to that as always there is a good supporting community to back up this software, provide solutions, share knowledge and further development.


Though this is very sophisticated GUI tool for MySQL databases there are some minor disadvantages as well. Mainly compared to other Database designing tools including Visual Paradigm, MySQL work bench provides limited facilities to design ERDs. The way it creates relationship is not that user friendly and the designer has made many clicks to get it done. In addition to that there is no way to reverse engineer a SQL script. If the developer can only reverse engineer a live database. Finally some times it’s giving a error on close in windows 7.


The current stable release of MySQL workbench is 5.1.18. In addition to that there is beta releases, latest one is  5.2.20 beta 10. According to their change log you may notice they are in very active development process in order to release a new stable version.  All the releases are free and provides cross platform compatibility.

I think this is the GUI tools which all the SQL developers were waiting to use. It provides solutions to almost all the problems which were there is previous GUI tools. Most importantly it saves lots of time and money in the database design and development. Actually this great tool completes the MySQL server like never before.


  • Handelman, M. (2009, September). MySQL Workbench Functions On Snow Leopard. Retrieved May 2010, from


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About Notes Of Genius

Notes Of Genius is an online magazine dedicated to publish latest Technological achievements and future trends in cutting edge Technologies. NOG was founded on 1st January 2010 but had gained a great deal of popularity in a short time among readers of all kinds.

The main objective of the magazine is to create awareness about latest Technological developments among Technical and Non-technical readers. Therefore the articles are presented in a simple yet comprehensive way providing accurate information that can be easily grasped by readers of any level of technical competency.

The magazine addresses many areas where drastic technological improvements have been made such as computing, transportation, gaming etc. It also provides a platform for emerging writers to express their view points about the Technological evolution in any of the above mentioned areas.


Content of the magazine is categorized under 10 main segments. The category under the name Headlines consist of a brief overview if the latest articles featured in the magazine. Software, Hardware, Internet, Games and Transportation categories contain reviews and experiences of the writers related to those areas. The Technology category is dedicated for emerging Technologies whereas articles related to possible future technological advancements and new ideas will be featured under Future Trends and Research. The Tutorials category consists of a series of tutorials related to different types of technologies. And the articles that do not fit in to any of the above categories are featured under Notes.


The NOG team involves a team of skilled writers to publish articles and tutorials where as the editorial team looks in to the moderation of articles prior to publishing as well as the management of comments and other notes.

The readers too are given the opportunity to contribute with their articles and express their comments on the already published articles.


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