About Notes Of Genius

Notes Of Genius is an online magazine dedicated to publish latest Technological achievements and future trends in cutting edge Technologies. NOG was founded on 1st January 2010 but had gained a great deal of popularity in a short time among readers of all kinds.

The main objective of the magazine is to create awareness about latest Technological developments among Technical and Non-technical readers. Therefore the articles are presented in a simple yet comprehensive way providing accurate information that can be easily grasped by readers of any level of technical competency.

The magazine addresses many areas where drastic technological improvements have been made such as computing, transportation, gaming etc. It also provides a platform for emerging writers to express their view points about the Technological evolution in any of the above mentioned areas.


Content of the magazine is categorized under 10 main segments. The category under the name Headlines consist of a brief overview if the latest articles featured in the magazine. Software, Hardware, Internet, Games and Transportation categories contain reviews and experiences of the writers related to those areas. The Technology category is dedicated for emerging Technologies whereas articles related to possible future technological advancements and new ideas will be featured under Future Trends and Research. The Tutorials category consists of a series of tutorials related to different types of technologies. And the articles that do not fit in to any of the above categories are featured under Notes.


The NOG team involves a team of skilled writers to publish articles and tutorials where as the editorial team looks in to the moderation of articles prior to publishing as well as the management of comments and other notes.

The readers too are given the opportunity to contribute with their articles and express their comments on the already published articles.


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