iPhone Camera And Applications

iPhone is a hot topic for news journals, people who love it and everyone and people who dream about it. The most important factor to make it much popular is the 3 in 1 functionality it’s having. It can be used as a Mobile phone with attractive, interactive features including the touch screen, an iPod with a widescreen and a device with huge facilities to browse internet. It is designed and marketed by Apple Inc and was released in 2007. The iPhone has become an eye catcher of the people all around the world. With all those it provides a camera and multimedia management system in built with it.


Current Camera Of iPhone

The current version of the iPhone has a 3.0 Megapixels camera in it. With the Auto focus and Tap to focus options, it gives better performances to the user. The video recording performances are also better. It gives a quality video output with 30 frames per second.

Image Management In iPhone

Although the other phones have better quality cameras, they do not provide a better image management system like in iPhone. The iPhone image management system provides facility to manage image galleries according to the subject and may other filtering factors. The competition in the world market today does not looking for the better product, It always needs the best. iPhone provides iTunes to share images from MAC or photoshop album on the PC. Through this synchronization, iPhone became more user friendly for the people who love it.

Next iPhone

The Apple Inc. wishes to release their next version of the iPhone in this June.  Although they tried to hide the specifications and technological stuffs from public, some things were exposed to the public recently. According to that information, people can think of an 80GB device with iPhone 4G phone.

Next iPhone’s Camera

The next iPhone will be equipied with a 5Megapixel camera and that make it a shining sophisticated mobile device in 2010 WWDC event where they plan to release it on next June. The device will have a larger lens than the previous versions and a LED flash light will be there to add light in night or indoor moods. The most important thing is that the internal hardware will be ‘Apple’ specific. The Omnivison’s CMOS image sensors will provide a high accuracy and the quality output.

Camera Applications


The iPhone is looking to make their features from better to best. There is software that allows users to name BestCamera to allow users to do whatever they like to do with images. The next iPhone users are waiting for something new and improved other than what they have seen so far. The user friendly image gallery is one of the most attractive facts that anyone like to see. The user can scroll through the touch screen and add the image effect he needs from the number of available effects. The next iPhone may include more effects and more interactive options. It is said that Adobe Photoshop is the best and easiest software to manage and edit pictures for general users. A person who has used the BestCamera software might think twice before making that statement. The image editing and managing can be easily done through this software. The users expect much better BestCamera software to manage images better than ever.


This software gives user a special feature to rotate the phone but not to get the image rotated. Snapture allows the user to take images by tapping anywhere of the screen. In most of the cameras user has to click on a specific button to get a shot. But with this software it makes easy to the user. The volume level zoom control while taking images is another special facility provided by this software. Snapture Premium allows the quick view enhancement. The user can take several snapshots at the same time and check each and every image with just one click. It enables the possibility to delete the rest of images while keeping the one the user wants with. It allows a special feature of making the images of several color modes available in a strip in the left side.

Camera Genius

This enables user to have a non-optical zoom. This gives a clear image without any distortion in it. Sound capture facility enables capturing the images in the place where can get the maximum sound. Different types of guides and timer facilities give user an interactive and special ability to enjoy photography.


This is a great image management application which was introduced with editing the colors of images. The user can add or edit colors of an image with just a one click.

Future Of iPhone’s Camera And Applications

There are several types of application for the iPhone with various unbelievable features. Although it has come up with several types of sophisticated apps, there will be better in near future. A noise sensor zoom facility will be something new that people can expect. Think of a party, the camera will be auto zoomed to the place where people dancing and singing. Most of the iPhone users are not that good at photography. So the users will be able to take much accurate images with this facility. A run time stop caption will be another great invention. The camera can be improved with the large number of frames per second in it. But think of an application that counts the position in 2 several times and allowing the median to guess the final image. This will be a great invention for any kind of a camera. But for the iPhone users, this will be something special.

No Camera iPhones?

Having a camera is good for someone. But, it may be a reason for someone to not to use an iPhone. Think of people who are working in security zones. So Apple may think of introducing a phone without a camera in the future. Think of a person who works in google, that person will not be able to use the iPhone because of its camera.


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