Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is very useful and special software that comes with the Microsoft Office package. However as it appears most of the Microsoft office users are not aware of the capabilities of these valuable software. The software OneNote could replace your paper note book in the digital world with much more value added features including audio and video recording, sharing notes, screen capture, optical character recognition and many more. This will be useful tool busy professionals to organize their notes in a well organized manner with much more detail with the support of multimedia notes. Further it’s specially designed to work with tablet PC. Hence it will enhance its usefulness in a professional environment.


Getting Started

Microsoft OneNote is a default package content of Microsoft Office. Initially it came with Microsoft office 2003 but gained popularity with the release came with Office 2007. If you can’t find OneNote in your start menu with other office package software, you might have excluded it when you install Office package. If that be the case you can go to control panel and change the office package and that might require installation CD. After you successfully install OneNote it will appear in your start menu with other office software. By clicking on it you can launch the application and that will place a icon in your system tray by default.


Notebook Management

OneNote Provides very user friendly way to manage your note books. In the left hand side you can see your note books and at the top you can see separate section inside a specific notebook. Inside a section you can find your notes. Using the all note book list icon you can see the organized structure of your entire notebooks. Inside a section you can create a sub section to make your note further organized if it’s required. You can always drag and drop your notes between sections to organize them dynamically. In the case you have no clear idea to put a note in a specific section, you can use unfilled note and place it in a suitable section later.

Note Editor

Note editor would not be new to any Microsoft word user. It provides almost same functionality as word and much more. By clicking on any space in your note you can start writing. It provides set of tools to format your notes in an easy manner. In addition to that that it provides set of drawing tools and that will be useful if you are using a tablet PC with OneNote. As usual you can add tables, images and various type of content in your note. If you copy past some content from a web site, it will display the original URL under the content and that will be useful, in the case you need to refer original. If you are using a light pen with your tablet PC you can take notes by writing, without typing. To make the notes more readable you can apply a theme for each note from the provided theme collection. Another special feature in note editor is it supports calculation like in Microsoft Excel. When you place the ‘=’ sign after a calculation OneNote will do it automatically for you once you hit the space bar. (Ex 2+5=)

Tasks and Tags

Task is a one of the most important feature comes with OneNote. If you are a Microsoft Outlook user, you already know how tasks works like. You can create an Outlook task inside OneNote and it will appear in Outlook task list. Same as in Outlook you can set time duration for the task and mark it done. Entire activities will be synchronized with Outlook, real-time. In addition to that it provides wide sets of tags to make it easy to search the content in your notes. You can enable tag tool bar by right click on empty tool bar area. After selecting a desired text or content, you can tag by clicking on a tag from toolbar. After tagging you will be able to search the content based in type of tag the content has. Further, some tags will have different stages and you will be able to use them to manage to do list to make your work more organized.

Multimedia Support

This is the most significant feature in OneNote to make to lead ahead from a traditional note book. It can keep notes using various multimedia formats including audio and video. If you are in a conference you can easily record the whole conversations instead of write down. In addition to that if you have a web cam in your lap top you can record a video and keep it in a note. These are value added featured in OneNote. In addition to that in provides facility to screen capture in an easy way. All you have to do is press window key + S, and then the whole screen will be alpha masked. After that you can select the area that need to be captured. The captured image will be automatically placed in an unfilled note or copied to clipboard according to the pre configuration done using OneNote icon on the system tray. In the case you need to extract text from an image you pasted in a note, OneNote provide sophisticated optical character recognition engine. All you have to do is right click on the desired image, click copy test from picture and past the test where ever you want. It’s easy as that.

Mobile Integration

If you are using a smart phone with Widows mobile operation system, you can synchronize your entire notes with your mobile device. Further, you can write notes in your mobile device and synchronize it will your PC as well. In order to do that you can go to the menu time Tools -> options -> OneNote mobile after plugging your mobile device to your PC. This will make it easy for you to use your mobile phone to record video, audio and capture images, especially business cards.

Sharing, Import and Publishing

Unlike in a traditional note book in OneNote you can share notes with your friends or Colleagues. In that case one note will be edited by various individuals at the same time which enable highly interactive collaborative environment. In the case you need to send your notes to third party you can easily convert your note into many formats including .docx, pdf and send it via email. Another interesting feature in OneNote is you can import any document to one note as a printout. All you have to do is print the desired document and select OneNote as the printer in the printing window. Once you click the print button the document will be automatically exported to OneNote. In addition to that you can drag and drop any file you need be added to the note.

Usage Tips

As it seems OneNote will be highly effective way to keep notes for professionals and students. Since they can use audio and video recording the notes will be detailed than ever before. In addition to that if a student is doing an academic research he can keep his entire note in OneNote. In the case he copy past some content from a web site, the original URL under the pasted content will be useful to further reference. OneNote could be used as a business card directory for professionals. After you configure your windows mobile smart phone with OneNote you can capture any business card and extract the text from it for make the searching even easier. In addition to that the collaborative editing of notes will improve the efficiency of communication.

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Ubuntu for Android Smartphones

Android the most popular mobile operating system is trying to expand its capabilities in collaboration with Ubuntu. But your next concern would be that Ubuntu is a desktop OS and android is a mobile OS. How are they going to work together in an expansion?

The idea is far beyond my craziest tech dreams. It’s almost like carrying a CPU in your pants pocket. And of course, today’s Smartphones are having almost same hardware configuration as a laptop computer. Using that, they are going to install Ubuntu as an android application on your Smartphone. Once you connect your phone in to a desktop monitor and a keyboard using a dock, the whole system will turn in to an Ubuntu powered desktop. ubuntu-for-android-1268593 The concept is magical. This setup let you to use your Smartphone as Desktop Computer and use Android apps as well as Ubuntu apps in the same station.

How it Works?

As the first step you will have to install Ubuntu on your Android Smartphone. They will release the application once everything is prepared. Then you will be able to load Ubuntu on your Smartphone screen. Of course the integration will be seamless since both the OS are using the same kernel. Although Ubuntu is running on your Smartphone it won’t be able to give you the real desktop experience. Therefore you will have to expand it to a desktop using few hardware components.

  • Dock: This will stream the video from smartphone to desktop monitor
  • Monitor: This will display video coming from Smartphone via dock
  • Keyboard and Mouse: Take your hand off the tiny display in Smartphone

After that it’s all set. You have a Smartphone which is always ready to be converted to a desktop. When you are working on your desk at your office, dock the Smartphone and let it turn in to your desktop workstation. Use the monitor, keyboard and mouse to interact with it. Forget that it’s a Smartphone. When you leave you desk un-dock and turn it back to your Smartphone. This is how you are going to work in your office in near future.

Minimum Hardware Requirement

However there has to be a minimum hardware muscle to give you the real desktop experience. Below is the currently published minimum hardware requirement for this setup on official Ubuntu website.

  • Dual-core 1GHz CPU
  • Video acceleration: shared kernel driver with associated X driver; Open GL, ES/EGL
  • Storage: 2GB for OS disk image
  • HDMI: video out with secondary frame buffer device
  • USB host mode
  • 512 MB RAM

This is pretty much standard for any Smartphone in today’s market. So, almost all Android Smartphones are ready to run Ubuntu on it.



The Android-Ubuntu friendship allows you to run both Android applications as well as Ubuntu applications. There will be the entire set of standard application such as photo viewer and editor, Google Calendar, email client, Google docs, Music player etc. applications-9314270 Especially it comes with Ubuntu photo gallery which let you to view photos, edit them on desktop and save them back in Smartphone. Further there will be an application for you to connect to social networks like you always did in Android phones.

Web Browsing

Browsing on Smartphones is a great experience, yes. But since it’s having a tiny screen you will get fed up so easily. With Android-Ubuntu integration you can have desktop web experience with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser forgetting you are using a Smartphone. These super fast browsers give you same amazing features such as security and tabbed browsing in this platform as well.

Call and SMS

This is the best part in this set up. You can make calls and send SMS using your Ubuntu desktop. This was never possible in conventional Ubuntu desktops. Since you are using your Smartphone as the hardware to run Ubuntu, nothing stops you by using its feature “Phone”. This is one of the most ignored features in today’s Smartphones. call-and-sms-7507503 Here you can easily type a SMS and send it to any of your contact saved on your phone, receive phone calls, make calls and direct them to voice mail the way you want.

Get in Touch

If you want to get latest updates of this trend setting project, click here to go to Ubuntu website. There you have to enter your details and then they will send you the latest news about the progress of this project.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a field of computer research, which deals with the combination of real world and computer-generated data (virtual reality), where computer graphics objects is blended into real footage in real time. At present, most AR research is concerned with the use of live video imagery, which is digitally processed and “augmented” by the addition of computer-generated graphics. Advanced research includes the use of motion-tracking data, fiducial markers recognition using machine vision, and the construction of controlled environments containing any number of sensors and actuators.


Augmented reality changed the way the users see the world. Augmented Reality enhances a user’s perception of and interaction with the real world.  The virtual objects display information that the user cannot directly detect with their own senses.  The information conveyed by the virtual objects helps a user perform real-world tasks. The base of the augmented reality is on computer graphics. Next-generation augmented-reality systems will display graphics for each viewer’s perspective. Augmented reality (AR) works on the same principles as virtual reality.  Augmented reality overlays virtual objects and information over the real world, unlike VR (Virtual Reality) where the user is immersed in a completely virtual environment. This is usually achieved by the use of see-through head mounted displays and tracking devices.



There are augmented reality iPhone and Smart Phone applications released in to the market. iPhone’s Layar application is a nice example for augmented reality. The Layar augmented reality browser looks at an environment through the phone’s camera and overlays data on top of points of interest such as restaurants, shops and tourist attractions. The app retrieves information from third-party developers who contribute their “layers” to the Layar platform. For example, there is a layer called iMetro, and when that’s selected and you’re standing outside, Layar will display digital overlays of nearby bus stops and the time the next bus is arriving.

There is an augmented reality feature which can be accessible through Easter egg in iPhone 3GS, which is activated by shaking the handset three times. A message will appear reading, “The Monocle has been activated,” and then a Monocle button will appear in the upper-right corner. Tapping that button will launch your iPhone camera, and digital overlays of business listings, accompanied by star ratings, appear on screen. The app presumably draws its geo-aware powers from the iPhone 3GS’ digital compass and GPS.


There’s a smartphone app named Recognizr uses recognition software to create a 3-D model of a person’s mug. Then it transmits the model to a server, which matches it with an image stored in the database. An online server performs facial recognition, shoots back a name of the subject, and links to his social networking profiles.


In Medical, Augmented Reality technology could provide an internal view of the human body to 3-D digital dataset in real time. This can be reduced the need for larger incisions.


In military, aircraft and helicopters have used Head-Up Displays (HUDs) and Helmet-Mounted Sights (HMS) to superimpose vector graphics upon the pilot’s view of the real world. Besides providing basic navigation and flight information, these graphics are sometimes registered with targets in the environment, providing a way to aim the aircraft’s weapons.


Transportation navigation is one of the main achievements of Augmented Reality. Modern GPS navigation systems using street views which contain augmented reality technologies.

Business and Marketing

In the business world, Augmented Reality could be a really good marketing tool among businesses. Best Buy is a good example for AR advertisement.

In Future It Can Be Used To

  • Entertainments, where real world people can be interact with virtual objects. This can be used in gaming environments perfectly.
  • Transportation signs and signals, where the roadside signs can be created virtually and placed
  • Road vehicles’ navigation system can be replaced with AR technology. Where the driver can interact with the real world virtually.
  • Without leave the house, people can do the shopping. Find, match, and change products with a single touch.
  • Documents can be created in real world by virtual objects such as virtual AR word processing software.


Even though Augmented Reality has a lot of advantages, it has some disadvantages as well. Currently, the cost for the technology is high. Therefore, not every people might able to take the advantage of the technology. The GPS on a mobile phone normally only gives a position within around 20 meters, while the iPhone’s compass orientation is only accurate to around 20 degrees. This can lead to problems in determining exactly what’s within the camera’s view.


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How to Save Your Laptop Battery Life?

Few weeks ago we discussed about the modified roles of Desktop and Laptop computers and we noticed that Desktops are replaced by Laptops and Laptops are almost replaced by Tablets. In this transition period Laptops have to sit on your desk and work as your Desktop at the same time Travel with you wherever you go.


Quick Catch-up

  • Can Your Laptop Replace Your Desktop?
  • Can Your Tablet Replace Your Laptop?

When you are taking your Laptop away from your desk, your main concern would be the battery life. There are several common things that you can do to save battery such as setting auto sleep time and reducing display brightness. In addition you might be using some piece of software that comes with the Laptop driver CD.

If you are using Windows 7 on your Laptop, there is a secret inbuilt tool to measure the power consumption and identify things that you can do to save battery life.

Steps to Follow

This is a MS DOC command. Most of the Windows users today hate Command Prompt, but no one can deny the fact that it’s way powerful than graphical tools we use. Here are the steps that you need to follow to optimize your power configuration.

  • Go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt
  • Run Command prompt as Administrator (right click on it and select “Run as Administrator”)
  • Here you have to use the command powercfg with some parameters to get the power consumption report.
  • For a start try this, powercfg -energy -output c:report.html -duration 300
  • This will analyze energy efficiency in your computer and give HTML report as output after observing your system behavior for duration of 300 seconds.
  • You are free to change the report file name and location.
  • If you need more accurate result let the tool to observe your Laptop for a longer period of time while you doing your regular work.
  • If you won’t use the switch duration, by default it will observe the system for 60 seconds.
  • Finally it will save a detailed report in given location.


  • In order to make the power consumption minimum closely follow the instruction given in the report, especially pay attention to Errors and Warnings.

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Save Battery Life in Android Phone with Go Power Master

If you are using latest Android phone with large high resolution screen with dual core processor, no doubt you must be having great user experience like never before. But of the main problem here is it won’t last much longer. The reason is battery power. Practically you will have to recharge your Smartphone at least once a day or may be couple of time.

Sometimes ago I was discussing about self sustaining Smartphone and technological effort that engineers have put to make it a reality. However still it’s far away from practical usage.

Quick Catch-up

Today I’m going to introduce you simple solutions which will give you couple of more hours of battyer life to your Android Smartphone. Solution comes as an app with the name Go Power Master. If you are using Go Launcher you already the development team. Lets take a closer look in to the app and see how it saves the battery life.


How to Install and Setup Go Power Master?

  • Go to Google Play Go Power Master page and install it on your Android Smartphone.
  • You can get an icon of app to your home screen from app menu.
  • App also comes with a widget as well. You may place it in your home screen to get easy access to functions.
  • By default it will give you a notification area widget as well. You can always disable it if you don’t like.
  • Now open the application and go to main screen.

How to Use Go Power Master?

  • Once you go to app main screen you can see several details about the battery power including remaining amount, voltage, temperature and available time to do various activities.
  • You can click on optimize button to kill background processes to save power consumption in processor core.
  • At the top you have four tabs. Go to mode there.
  • There you can see several presets and you can create your own as well configuring various power consuming activities such as GSM radio, Wi-Fi, mobile data, screen brightness and data synchronization.
  • You can easily switch modes in notification area or home screen widget.
  • Now move to smart. There you can see several options to change mode by time or remaining battery power.
  • Further you can switch off Wi-Fi and mobile data when screen off which is a good thing to do.
  • In the consumption section it will show you already running apps and their power consumption. You can kill the unwanted application there as well.
  • By pressing options button you can access settings.
  • There you can enable or disable notification area widget, reminder sound, low power prompt etc.

Go Power Master is a very simple tool which can be used by any average user. All you have to do is identify power consuming activities, create few modes of your own and switch them as appropriate. Once you create a mode of your own, it will show you the available time if you switch to that mode.

Go Power Master also will give you tips to improve battery life depending on remaining battery life. If none of that work you can simply go with standard presets and they also will show you some significant improvement. One thing for developers, once I create a mode of my own, tap on delete button is pretty difficult. You may work on creating better UI controller for that.

Never forget to go to smart tab and use smart controllers for Wi-Fi and mobile data. Switch mode by time and power is also a smart idea. Press the optimize button after major multitasking activity to clear up background processes.

This is a must try application for any Android Smartphone user and you will experience significant results for sure. Never forget to share your experience here with NOG community. Enjoy longer battery life in your Android Smartphone.

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Bubble – Your Memory in Bubbles

How many phone calls do you usually make per day? Answer is, many. Be it a friendly call, casual call or serious business call it is always a good practice to organize what you have to say before making the call. Organized people always use note books, either printed or digital, to maintain a ‘to-do’ list. But how do you organize things you have to say to each person when you make calls? Of course you can do that with your existing note book with few additional notes. But again how to get the right reminder in the right time?

To solve all these problems, there is a precious piece of software, especially designed for your android Smartphone. And the best part is, all of it comes for free! This is known as the Bubble.

How to Install Bubble in Your Smartphone

If you want to use Bubble, you must have any type of Android Smartphone and it should have Android version 2.1 or later. Then you can download the application from Android Market for free. The installation file size is 837KB. The application’s most updated release is version 1.1.0.

Once the installation is done you can access the application from the icon which will be there in your menu. Once you open the application you will see that there are three sections named ‘contact’, ‘bubbles’ and ‘call log’. By default it will open ‘contact’.

How it Works

Once you open the application as I said before you can see the contact list by default. You can tap on one contact to open it. Once it open you can see ‘add bubble’ button there. By tapping it you can add a note related to the selected contact, and then assign a color to the note as well. When you open the same contact again you will be able to see the note on the screen. There is a cross in every note to remove it in case you don’t want it anymore. After you successfully add a bubble to a contact you will be able to see the ‘bubble’ icon in the contact list in front of subjected contact.

In the ‘bubbles’ section you can filter out the contacts which are having bubbles. By tapping any contact you can access the previous screen which let you add/remove bubbles as well as directly make a call to the contact.

After you add these bubbles, when you make a call to contact which is having a bubble or when you are receiving a call, you will be able to see the attached notes in the calling screen instead of the default screen. They will be displayed in a bubble with the color you select when you make the note.

In the third section ‘call log’, you can see the list of incoming and outgoing calls and related bubbles to that. In here you can add, remove and edit bubbles depending on your calling activity.

Eg: Suppose you added a bubble for discussing a meeting with your boss. And few minutes ago you made the call and discussed about that. Now you don’t need that related bubble to your boss anymore. So you can go to ‘call log’ and, make sure you made the call to boss, then remove the bubble. If you have anything else to talk with Boss when he calls again, you can add a new bubble.

Unlike the traditional note book you used to maintain the ‘to-do’ list you can get the right reminder, with right activity, related to the right person in right time using Bubble android application. That’s how Bubble makes your life easier.

Below you can see a video released by “Bubble” development team, “GoodFriend” which gives you good idea about usage of bubble.

How to Use Bubble Effectively

Bubble is not a replacement for your traditional note book or to-do list. It’s an extension and a different version of it. This will be a very useful tool for the people who need to interact with many other people like businessmen, academicians, politicians, management and marketing professionals etc. They can use the conventional note book and to-do list for general purposes. In case you need a reminder, especially if you need to delegate some task to another person, best way to get the reminder for that is when you make the call to that particular person. That’s exactly what bubble does.

Politicians might use this to note down the things that he “must NOT tell” to someone else, especially to journalists. All he has to do is make a small note related to contacts of all journalists using bubble. Every time he make a call or get a call from those journalists, bubble will remind the politicians about the things that he “must NOT” speak about.

This will be a useful tool to management professionals. Most of the time, they have to assign work to fellow employees. After assigning he can make a note, a bubble in subjected employees contact. When he call him again or getting call from him, the application will always remind about the work you assign to him. Things will work the same with marketing professionals as well.

Another example is when you make a call to customer service division. After you make the call, you can make a note mentioning the last time progress with the complaint. So, next time when you make a call to same customer service, application will remind you what happened last time.

There are unlimited creative usages of this application. You will be able to share your experience with us as a comment.

Popularity of Bubble

In the android market the application “Bubble” is getting good user feedback. So far it has received 60 feedbacks and 32 are having 5 starts. Average rating is 4 stars. Currently application download is categorized as 10,000-50,000. When I take a deeper look into user feedback, I could see that Bubble users are having many different types of Smartphones including Samsung, Motorola, HTC and LG. It says that it is popular among variety of Android Smartphones. Considering the last 30 days download chart, I could not see a steady growth. It’s peaked in the last 15 days and then dropped drastically. I could not find a logical reason for this so far.

Suggestion to the Development Team

The application is simple, smart and exactly serves the purpose in a very user-friendly manner. In order to develop the application further and make it even smarter I have a few suggestions to the development team.

  • Online synchronization system for bubbles, especially as a disaster recovery plan
  • Ability to delete a note while call is on
  • A checkbox for each note to mark them as done
  • More readable font colors and sizes
  • Search and narrow down contacts without scrolling

Notes of Genius is looking forward to see further developed versions of this valuable piece of software in near future and wishing all the best for the development team!

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Impact of Apple iPad 2

The very first version of the iPad was introduced to the market few years ago. By that time the concept of tablet device was pretty new to the mobile device users. Same as in many times before in apple history, they made a global life style change. Few months after launching Apple iPad, I could see many people using those in public places, buses and trains. Most of the time people were using those to read E books on the run, kids used them to play games and most interestingly, many people use them to browse internet in public Wi-Fi zones. It’s a really an amazing experience to browse internet with big touch screen in iPad. It also had a version with 3G connectivity addition to Wi-Fi. Many of the businessmen use that as a window to take a look in to their business on the run and sometimes control it. With in short period of time Apple iPad change the global idea of mobile tablet device.

In the first quarter of the year 2011, apple introduced iPad 2 as a continuation and improvement to the previous iPad. It contained lots of more cool features and new technologies. Again same as before sales hit the sky and people started using iPad 2 like crazy. It became a day to day item than a high tech magic in matter of months. In this article I’m going to take a look in to social impact done with the wide spreading of Apple iPad 2.


Specification Overview

  • Processor
  • Operation System
  • Display
    • 9.7 inch
    • LED Backlit
    • Multi Touch sensor
    • Fingerprint resistant
  • Sensors
    • Gyro meter
    • Accelerometer
    • Light Sensor
    • Compass
  • Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
  • Camera
    • 720p HD video
    • Front VGA
    • 0.7 Mega pixel rear
    • 0.3 Mega pixel front
  • Battery life
  • Online service

In my first look I didn’t notice many differences in tech specification. But when I take a closer look there are very important improvements. Mainly they have increased the processing power from A4 chip to A5 dual core chip which will give you double the processing power. And previous iPad didn’t have any camera while this one has 2 with 720P HD video recording. Happy news for mobile games, iPad 2 comes with Gyro meter which give you more precise control when you play games with physical movements. Previous one only had a accelerometer which capture only movement of device not the movement relative to gravity. These features have enabled whole lot of new possibilities with iPad 2.

Usage Impact


The iPad 2 comes with lots of favors for gaming. Its processor, highly accurate multi touch screen and special motion sensors like gyro meter turn it in to excellent gaming device. Lots of games developers have take the advantage of improvement of iPad 2 and came up with cool concepts. Most popular one would be car games and the most interesting part is you can drive the car considering the device as the steering wheel. With new gyro meter you can do more than previous accelerometer. I believe that game developers have not yet taken the full advantage of gyro meter and its capabilities, yet soon we will be able to see cool game which uses this new hardware. I wish there is a game which help us to work out, especially aerobics properly by guiding us detecting our movements.

Scientific Application

Other than the general public, iPad has dominated the scientific and academic world as well. Most of the scientist and researchers are using iPad as their notebook and data collection device. When they are working in field, this becomes really handy. There are custom developed applications which allow the researchers to store new data in central database and a retrieve the data as well. Improved connectivity options of iPad 2 have made those possible. The data could be presented to the researcher in various different graphical ways with the 10 inch display. Additionally they are using it as a communication tool, especially for video conferencing with the aid of front camera.

Graphic Designing

Many of the expert graphic designers and art directors are using iPad as their idea book. They are drawing  sketches using multi touch screen and edit them using special software. With the improved multimedia capabilities and graphic acceleration this kind of work will become even easier and efficient. Additionally they can get the use of gyro meter to come up with graphic design with physical movements like smudge painting. Since iPad 2 comes with a camera capable of capturing stills and720p HD videos they can record their inspiration on the run and attach them in to their portable digital idea book.

Music Production

In music production software, it’s very difficult to handle its control surface with mouse and key board. To make controlling easier music produces were using hardware control surfaces. Still there were problems, like its very difficult upgrade hardware surface with the rapid improvement of software. Purchasing new and upgraded hardware surface was very costly. iPad and its multi point touch made music produces world much easier. They could extend the PC or MAC software interface to iPad and control it with touch screen. In this case, dealing with software upgrades is effortless. This comes handy when they are working with mixers and their faders. This made it very easy to program and automation while mixing audio. And this made it very easy to program drum beats with drum machines. One of the most popular music production software re designs their interfaces to work with touch devices in their latest version. They came up with special drum machine named Kong Drum Designer with big buttons which works amazingly with touch devices. With the improvement of processing power in iPad 2 all these processes became smooth with lesser latency.

Stock Trading

Stock traders are set of people who deal with lots of information and make quick decision. iPad gave them perfect solution to their needs. iPhone is having too small display to give what they want. With iPad mainly they are reading news. 3G connectivity always helps this. And news is not enough then need stock market statistics and software to execute orders. Again iPad provides versatile solution to install application, visualize data in big 10 inch screen and place order with the Wi-Fi of 3G connectivity. One of the most popular stock trading software, Direct FN Pro has released iPad version of the software. This software work with iOS 5 and let the traders to get the market statistic, visualize them with charts, apply market indicators and place orders. You will find more information about this iPad application in here, with screenshots.

In early time most of the investors were reluctant to use these kinds of devices considering the performance issues and connectivity issues. A delay of one second may lead to loss of many millions in finance game. I believe that iPad 2 has given a solid solution to those investors to be confident and do their trading on iPad with its Dual core A5 processor and 3G or may be Wi-Fi connectivity.

Market Impact

Same as in any other apple product iPad 2 hit the sky with its sales soon after its launch. According to statistics it shows even bigger sales in first few hours, than previous version of iPad. Within 24 hours after launching, recorded number of sales were nearly 500 000 devices. At the same time it took the large proportionate of Laptop market. After launching iPad 2, there were significant dropping of sales of Laptops, since iPad 2 practically replace and gives better experience than conventional laptop. And there were huge improvement of gaming with iPad 2. Sales of iPad gaming application were boosted by more than 100% and 17% of iPad 2 users mainly used the device as a gaming platform. This is again huge improvement compared to 9% with iPad original version.

This amazing device changes the world of good with its amazing capabilities and made a significant impact on global life style. It introduces the easier way to do things as well as totally new ways to do things. It redefine the way we game, create computer base graphics, music and many more. This impact will surely continue and make the earth a better place with the creative contribution of iOS software developers and Apple team.

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Project Natal

Project Natal is a research project carried out by Microsoft to develop digital input device mainly for their product Xbox. The specialty in project natal is it’s not an ordinary input device which you have to press buttons and swing joy sticks. Using the Natal sensor you can control the game which you are playing without having any physical contact with the controller. It detects your body motions and voice to control the applications. This is an innovative concept to the gaming world, so every one’s eyes were focused to Project Natal recently.


The code name ‘Natal’ is a Brazilian city which showing Microsoft naming culture. The project coordinator Alex Kipman was from Brazil and it his choice to use this name. The first announcement of project natal was made on June 1st, 2009 by Microsoft at Los Angeles Convention Center. There was various promotional videos was launched and they got huge numbers of hits in YouTube. The commercial release of the produced to the market is unofficially schedules on October 2010 and the expected price would be around USD 150.


The Natal sensor contains three sensors which are RGB camera, Infrared depth sensor and multi array microphone. The RGB camera will be used to capture the 2D image and motions in front of the sensor along with the color details of it.  The IR depth sensor will be used to capture the distance variations from the sensor to the users. The multi array microphone will be used to capture the voice and the direction of it. Combining all the above factors the Natal sensor can determine the full body motion of the user. In order to do that there must be complex image and voice processing algorithms. The full body motions will be digitally transfer in to controlling signals and will be send to the Game console Xbox.

However there are various arguments about the practicality of this technology. Theoretically the above process is justifiable. But in the real gaming environment, especially in multiplayer games things can go wrong easily with the multiple movement. Furthermore some demonstrations in promotional videos seem not real and practical including the speed, response time and feedback. Many people believe that it’s not the real functionality, but a promotional staged act. As an answer to these arguments the Microsoft has released live demo of Project Natal which can be found on YouTube.


Gaming Controller

The primary application of project natal is as a Gaming controller. This extends the boundaries of gaming in to new dimension. With the Natal sensor the gamer can interact with the Gaming environment as he is actually living inside that. As long as it captures the full body motions without any gadget attached in to the body, the games will be free to express his self with the body motions and voice commands very precisely. Probably this will help Microsoft it increase their sales exponentially and expand their gaming empire.

Artificial Intelligence Application Interfacing

The development of artificial intelligent application is facing huge challenge that there are no proper input devices to interact with them. No matter how much the researchers develop the software, to make it ‘looks like human’ there has to be next generation input device which can understand human voice and activities. Project Natal provides perfect solution for these applications interfacing. There is a popular video found on YouTube which demonstrate this AI interfacing with Natal sensor for the Character ‘Milo’.

3D Graphic Designing

Project Natal will provide good support for 3D graphic designing industry. The current challenge is to model the Object correctly. The traditional controllers including keyboard and mouse don’t provide much support for that. Even when it comes to Laser scanning the process is complex and takes lots of time. The natal sensor will provide accurate interface for the artists to design 3D models without touching any controller, simply by their body motions.

When it comes to the motions capturing project natal can provide perfect solutions there as well. This is one of the major challenges faced by the film industry to capture the accurate human emotions and put it in to a 3D model. In addition to that the sensor can capture the voice too. This kind of emotion capturing process would provide a relaxed environment to the actor to give his best performance without getting attached to so many sensors.

Automated Customer Relation Management

This might sound like a crazy idea but the natal sensor could be used to automated and improved customer relationship management. At the door step of a costume store they can place a natal sensor and connect it to a computer which is having huge Plasma screen in front of that. Once the customer step in the natal sensor can capture that and automatically suggest some costumes which are suitable with an aid of AI character like ‘Milo’. Furthermore it can generate a 3D image of customer and show a demonstration of suggested costume as well. If technology manages to implement this, it will be the next generation of customer relations.

Military Applications

Another possible application of Natal sensor is to control advance military applications. The modern unmanned military aircrafts are controlled by Joystick from a ground base. However with the improvement of other implications, it’s asking for better and advanced controller where the project Natal might give a solution. In addition to that this can be used to control unmanned war robots. Finally let’s hope no one will ever use these things against Humans, but some kind of Alien invasion may be.

Future Development

Apparently the technology in project natal in something no one ever dreamed of. But still there can be improvements to be made. The most important factor would be the accuracy. That matters a lot in gaming environment to deliver an extraordinary gaming experience to the user. The usability of hardware seems good since you can easily place it on top of your TV.  The next most important factor would be the identification of multiple movements, especially in multiplayer environments. Though it started as a gaming controller, there is a huge possibility to use it for many other applications as mentioned above. Let’s have a curious mind about this path breaking hardware by Microsoft.


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Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 will be released on June 2010 with lots of new user-friendly features and capabilities. This development project was having the code name ‘Office 14’. Apparently there won’t be significant changes to the basic appearance and features. But there will be lots of new features which will give its users a band new experience. Microsoft Office has revolutionized the life of the people all around the world. It ‘s a software package which  is providing living examples about  the way how computers have changed peoples’ lives so easy. It provides easy and excellent methods to get aware to the ‘Geeky computer world’ even for a novice. Teachers start teaching about Information Technology to the little students with typing a letter on Microsoft Word.


Software Contents For The Packages

There are several applications that would be available in every edition of Microsoft Office. They are;

  • Microsoft Access 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010
  • Microsoft Office Communicator 2010

In addition to them, Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 and Microsoft InfoPath 2010 will be available only in Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus edition.

New Features In Microsoft Office 2010

64-bit And 32-bit

Microsoft Office 2010 will be available for the Operating systems came after the Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3. A 64-bit Office 2010 version will be there for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows 7 operating systems. Meanwhile Windows XP Professional edition will not be supported for Microsoft Office 2010.

Office Mobile 2010 And Web Applications

Mobile 2010 will replace the currently available mobile applications that are used to read word, excel and other documents. This will required to have Windows mobile 6.5. There are several updates being done to the Mobile 2010. The new SharePoint Workspace will give the ability to view and edit the document content in offline mood. Microsoft Office 2010 provides the facility to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote online. This gives the user to work in remote machines as well.

Embedded Videos In PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 provides a new facility to add the videos embedded inside the presentations. This will encourage the users to give much effective videos to the public without using flash. In addition, PowerPoint will have more techniques to edit the images and videos. Adding fades, reflection will give a much better output.

Office 2010 MAC Edition

Microsoft will release the Office MAC edition in 2011. It will be a 32-bit application and there will be no beta versions according to the statements. This will be a great encourage to the Apple users to bend their necks more to the Windows side for their personal and office purposes.


The main eye catching change in the appearance is that applying the ‘Ribbon’ menu system to the every tool in the Microsoft Office 2010. It was not available in Microsoft Office 2007 for some tools such like Outlook 2007 and OneNote 2007. In addition, the big circular Office button has been replaced with a small rectangular Office button.

Open Office vs. Microsoft Office

Open Office is the most popular open source office package that is available in multi language and multi platforms. Sun Microsystems introduced Open Office with the for data interchange in Open Document Format (.ODF). It came very much popular due to the free availability among the users as a promising software package. It also allows the users to save and edit the files in the Microsoft Office formats as well. The Oracle Corporation does a large part of development of this software package.

The latest release of the Open Office is 3.0. The Open Office statistics shows that more than 98 million downloads were done by the people all around the world. It is an outstanding performance at the moment. But the number of Open Office users has reduced due to the several reasons. They are;

  • The attractive interfaces of Microsoft Office
  • New tools availability
  • Attractive and in-built fonts
  • Cracks and patches availability for the Microsoft Office

Challenges And Threats

There are several challenges that Microsoft has to face and they are already facing. Several countries used to ban some Microsoft Office products due to several issues. Security is one of the most considerable factors. Microsoft has solved several security issues by the results they got in the beta testing. File block, Office file validation and protected view are some of steps taken to assure the security of Microsoft Office 2010. The universities also used to encourage the students to use open source software rather than using the Microsoft Office because of it is proprietary software.

Microsoft Word Banned in USA

Microsoft has been banned to sell Microsoft Word in USA once due to an appeal from a company named i4i. This order was released by a judge of Texas court. This was regarding to an XML format used by the Microsoft Word. ‘i4i’ is a Canadian firm who had the patent for their XML plug-in has appealed that they own the XML plug-in which were used by the Microsoft Word 2007 and Word 2003.

What’s Next?

Microsoft Office has always provided a set of promising tools to the world that can be used for day to day life. There will be a good trend for accounting software and a diary software in the future. As far as the world has tended towards the digital world, the diary book will not remain in the future. There will be a good trend to a digital personal or a business diary in the office. Accounting is another important thing that should be removed from paper based books. Several accounting software exists in the world. Microsoft can provide an excellent tool for personal and business accounting. Microsoft has taken a huge step to develop a mobile application of Microsoft Office 2010 that could be carried with the mobile phone. An inbuilt personal tracking application would be a great implementation for future releases. That might be useful to add a ‘Geo tag’ for the documents.


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Samsung Galaxy Note – Tablet Smartphone Hybrid Approach

2011 was the year of Smartphone and Tablets. If you take a look back in to the year, you will figure out how many Smartphones and Tablets came in to the market with lots of interesting features. Out of those devices, when it comes to sales, Apple’s iPhone and iPad took the lead.  However HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson were also giving a good competition. If you take a look in to the cool features in those Smartphones and Tablets, the main thing you will notice is the Multi touch screen and interfaces. Other than that those devices comes with dual core processor, 1GB RAM, Gyroscope and many more advance hardware.

The main difference between a Smartphone and Tablet is the screen size. If you make the screen size bigger, it will become less portable but more usable for many applications like Business and Multimedia. That’s where the “Tablet Trend” started. Smartphone always fits in to your pants pocket, does things almost the same as Tablet, yet limit you with a smaller screen. Normally Tablets devices comes with 8 or 10 inch screen while Smartphone comes with approximately 4 inch screen.


In the last quarter of 2011, a brand new device came in to the mobile device market with a brand new concept which is going beyond Smartphone and Tablet. This device which took my attention is Samsung Galaxy Note. It is almost same as Samsung Galaxy S 2, yet having bigger, 5.3 inch screen, yet smaller and portable than Samsung Galaxy Tab. This would be a new beginning of Tablet-Smartphone “Hybrid approach”.

Interesting Features

Screen and Interface

The major noticeable thing in Samsung Galaxy Note is its 5.3 inch Super AMOLED screen which supports HD resolution 1280 x 800 pixels. And it’s having 285 ppi density which gives ultra sharp images, only second to iPhone 4S. This device comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Samsung TouchWiz UI which was also a standard features in Galaxy S2 as well. The touch surface is protected by Gorilla glass which is scratch proof.


Other than the bigger screen, the next interesting thing that comes with Samsung Galaxy Note is its Smart Pen. This gives you more accurate control over the screen’s touch sensitivity than finger tips. The phone is having a compartment to keep the smart pen which reminds me of older version of Palm-top computer’s stylus.

Processing Power and Storage

The Samsung Galaxy Note comes with 1.4 GHz Dual Core processor which is the fastest processer ever built in to a Smartphone. Same as in Galaxy S 2 it comes with 1GB RAM and microSD card slot which supports up to 32GB. When you purchase the device it will come with a 2GB microSD card. Additionally it is having internal 16GB storage space as well.


Other than the traditional connectivity, Samsung Galaxy Note comes with 4G support. The underlying technology used is LTE 700. This is another significant improvement from previous Samsung Galaxy S 2. Other than that this device also support quad band GSM, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and micro USB.


Sensors were one of the most interesting things in any Smartphone or Tablet. Most of the devices come with Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity sensor and Digital compass. Samsung Galaxy Note is also having all of these standard sensors and additionally a Barometer which is new to Smartphone world. It let you measure the atmospheric pressure which opens lots of possibilities for application developers.

Potential Usage

Notebook or Idea Book

The new features of Galaxy Note open new possibilities to use it as a Notebook, if you think more creatively as an’ Idea Book’. It’s having a bigger screen than conventional Smartphone, yet portable than Tablet. Therefore it gives you good space to replace your paper based notebook, further turn it in to an idea book with the extended multimedia capabilities. Since you have the Smart pen you can even use the device as drawing canvas. The faster processor, 1 GB RAMS and improved GPU will make this experience even better. The inbuilt camera could be use to make photo and video notes wherever necessary.

This opens new opportunities for multimedia professionals. They can develop concepts in any environment where they are comfortable. They don’t like to type, but to draw. In here they can do that as well with the smart pen. Once they come up with something, they can easily connect to the main office through high speed 4G connectivity and deliver the concept or the artwork.


The same system could be use for e Journalism as well. Journalist can travel to any location and create multimedia rich article which conclude, images, videos and even sketches, then upload it to a web site using high speed internet, without using a PC at all.

Business Applications

The main limitation in Smartphones to use them as business organizers was their inadequate screen size and resolution. If you try to replace it with a tablet, it solves the screen resolution problem while introducing a new problem which is portability. Samsung Galaxy Note, the Tablet-Smartphone Hybrid approach, solves both the above problems giving bigger screen to run business applications while giving the maximum portability with smaller design which fits in to your pant’s pocket.

This would be an ideal device for business organizing applications as well as Stock trading applications. The bigger screen will accommodate visual representation of business status such as charts. The faster processor will let all the operations run smoothly while advanced 4G connectivity reduce the information delay drastically.

In near future we will be able to see most of the business people will be using this kind of hybrid devices replacing Smartphones and tablets. Laptop and Palmtop computers are already replaced by Tablets and Smartphones.

Navigation Device

Most of the people were using Smartphones as navigation devices and they worked just fine. But when dealing with different altitudes GPS error is significant. This will affect especially when you are using Google Maps Indoor Application with automatic level changes in a building. In most of the cases you have to manually enter the level that you are currently in. When you are in a complex motorway system the right place you are at should be pointed out using correct altitude as well since there could be many over head ramps in there.

Other than driving, when you are going on a Hike, knowing the exact altitude that you are in is very important. In that case horizontal location only won’t help. If you are in a Hot air Balloon, again it’s going to be very important to know the altitude accurately. In such cases GPS altitude accuracy is way not accurate enough.


To solve all the above problems Samsung Galaxy Notes comes with a Built in Barometer which use to measure atmospheric pressure, could be used to calculate the altitude accurately. With the aid of Barometer and Digital compass, GPS unit can pin point your location, especially the vertical location very accurately, which turns the device in to a dependable sophisticated Navigation device. You can use this with any GPS application not only to drive, but for hikes, hot air balloon travels, air travels and to find your way in multi stores buildings.


Everything comes with a price, so is Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s an exceptional device yet having few drawbacks. The major one would be its battery life. Normally Samsung devices are having good battery life, yet this one will be having lesser due to the high speed processor and bigger bright screen.

When you increase the size of display, you must increase the size of device as well. Galaxy Note is having 5.3 inch screen so the device is also bigger than Galaxy S 2 which makes it relatively less portable. However it could still fit in to your pants pocket. Other than that it’s much heavier than galaxy S2.


Mobile Movies

Even with the previous versions of Smartphones there was “Mobile Movie” trend. There are some movie producers that specially produce movies for those devices. However there was no Smartphone capable of displaying standard HD videos. In that case you must use a tablet, which is again less portable.

With the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note, it opens new opportunities for mobile movies with its standard HD 1280 x 800 pixels screen. Therefore users can enjoy HD videos in a much portable device and of course it will be a huge leap for Mobile Movie industry.

Stylus, Welcome Back!

I was always thinking that stylus is out dated since we have multi point touch screen which can be easily controlled by my finger tips. But if you want to do fine work, the stylus or a similar device would be the perfect choice. Samsung Galaxy Note is bringing the Stylus back to the show as a Smart Pen which convert the device in to a Drawing canvas. With this you will never miss your paper notebook. With the smart pen you can use your own handwriting to make notes digitally.


The device came in to the market just two months ago and it’s already attracted many people around the globe. Application developers will use the capabilities of this device to come up with creative applications. Especially I’m looking forward to see an application using the Barometer.

Finally, this is another giant step by Samsung, the famous South Korean electronic device manufacturer to dominate Smartphone and Tablet device market. They have already made their mark in most of other electronic devices categories and seems like nothing is going to stop them here as well.

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