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In WWW page load time has become a very important factor. Sometimes ago when we were using Dial-up internet with very low throughput, yes it was important than today. Even today with all the high speed broadband internet still it plays a important role.

The main importance of minimum page load time is better user experience. That’s the major contributing factor for the Google’s success. Since it’s giving a better user experience, it’s a SEO factor in most of the modern search engines as well.

If you think beyond user experience, it’s good for your server as well. High performance web pages are consuming lesser bandwidth and processing power. So at greater level of performance optimization you will be able to save lots of server resources as well.


Previously I was talking about use different browser plug-ins to identify web page performance and how to fix them step by step.

Quick Catch-up

  • Website Performance Optimization

Today I’m going to introduce you a very important tool that you can use to measure the performance level of your web pages. This comes from famous Google with the name Page Speed Online.

How to Use Google Page Speed Online?

  • Visit the Google Page Speed Online
  • There you have a text box to enter the page URL which you need to analyze
  • Enter the URL and press the button Analyze
  • Within few seconds it will give you the performance report.
  • By default it comes for Desktop Browsers and you can change it to Mobile Browsers by liking Mobile at top right corner.
  • As the first thing in the report it indicates the page speed score. Pages with good performance optimization will get higher score out of 100.
  • Then you will be able to see the suggestion summary. There it shows the improvement you can do according to the importance.
  • By clicking on the suggestion you can get more information about it.
  • When you go to the detailed page of suggestion there you can see a Learn more link. Following that link you will be able to find specific instruction about how to fix the issue.
  • In the right hand side navigation panel you can navigate to issues easily.
  • Interestingly it shows the already done optimization as well.

The best thing about Google Page speed online is you don’t have to install any browser plug-in to measure the optimization level of your web pages. Unlike any other tool, it’s giving descriptive information about the issues according to the priority and clear information about how to fix them.

Note to Webmasters

When you analyze your website most of the cases you will find out that major performance bottle necks are 3rd party plug-in and widgets you have used. The sad story here is you have no control over the performance optimization of those widgets. All you can do is only use highly required widgets such as social connectors.

Other major issues which you will see are excessive Java script usage and uncompressed images. Those issues can be easily solved unless they are in a widget you have used.

I suggest you to get the maximum out of this free online tool, fix performance bottle necks to deliver maximum user experience to your visitors and achieve great ranking in search engines.

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