How to Find Top Sites on Internet?

Search engines are using very sophisticated algorithms today. So you can find most relevant result using them. The most popular search engine Google is using its page ranking algorithm and more than 200 other factors to show you the most relevant content in search results.

But can you find most popular top sites for a given topic using search engines? As an example you want to find top sites about “Smartphone”. You may try Goggling for “Smartphone” but it will give you sites with fresh and relevant content about Smartphone but not top sites.


I came across with the website which is a search engine, but as the search result it’s giving you top web sites for the given topic.

How to Use Topsite.Com?

  • Go to TopSite.Com
  • In the home page you can see the search box with the button “Find top sites’.
  • Enter your topic and start a search.
  • It will give you a search result within less than one second.
  • There you can see an ordered list of Top websites for the given topic.
  • By clicking on the sites name you can directly visit the websites in search result.
  • If you like or dislike websites in the search result, you have the voting facility to give your feedback.

More about is not only about finding top sites on internet. If you take a closer look in to the search result you will be able to see more functionality there as motioned below.

  • Similar websites: you can find similar websites to the sites in any search result by clicking on the given link.
  • Related Topics: They are displayed in right hand side of the search result.

In addition you can find popular top ten sites, Topic Cloud and Top website index in the top right corner of the main page.

According to my accuracy test, this tool seems to be highly dependable. It’s always giving me acceptable results as top sites and similar sites. However, still there is a room for algorithmic optimization to provide more accurate and updated results.

Try this tool, find out top sites on internet and help them to provide more accurate results by giving your feedback as a vote in search result. Never forget to share your experience here with us at Notes Of Genius Community.

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