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Ranging from high school students to technology experts, Notes Of Genius has attracted a wide base of readers who are extremely passionate about future trends and evolution of modern technology. Key to the popularity of Notes Of Genius is the way our skilled team of writers, together with the editorial, present up to date technological details in a manner that is understandable by readers of any level of technical competency.


Now the Notes Of Genius team has presented you an excellent opportunity to publish your own articles at our space and share your valuable knowledge with the community. The significance of this opportunity is that you can express your OWN FREE THOUGHTS related to modern technological developments and publish them under your OWN NAME!!!

Am I Qualified to Be a Writer in Notes Of Genius?

Are you keeping your eyes open about emerging Technologies out there?? Or do you have an unquenchable thirst to try out new Technologies to create a better tomorrow??

If so, you are the ONE we are looking for..!! You need not be a professional writer. If you can convey your ideas simply and accurately, with reference to reliable sources, you are most welcome to join our team of writers. Our editorial team is always committed to moderate your articles.

Getting Started

You are free to choose any subject of your interest related to Technology. Before you start writing please take a look at the following writers’ guidelines.

Writers’ Guidelines

  • Use the provided Template.
  • Select a short yet descriptive Title
  • Introduce the subject in the first paragraph
  • Structure your writing with paragraphs and sub headings
  • Add Images and embed videos as appropriate.
  • Include references in APA style (Microsoft Word 2007 -> References -> Citation & Bibliography -> Style)
  • Minimum word limit is 1000.
  • Design  an Image (640 X 250px) to feature in the main Page (Optional)

Tip : When you are writing always put forward your original ideas and firsthand experience. Be predictive about the future implications of the technology you are addressing. Most importantly express your dreams in your writings.


Name your word document with the title of your article, attach it to an E mail (Attach images separately) and send it to writers [at] notesofgenius [dot] com.

The submitted articles will be subjected to moderation before publishing. You will be notified via an e-mail once the article is published. If you have any complaints regarding the moderated article please inform us through the same e mail address.

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