iPhone 5 with Liquid Metal Body

Rumors are spreading about one of the famous consumer electronic product which is Apple’s iPhone. The next version is expected to be named as iPhone 5. Apple fans are looking forward for another technological surprise as previous launch of “The new iPad”.

However the situation is not as the same as few years ago. There are no much competition to Apple in Tablet world yes. But in Smartphone world Samsung is dominating and according to the latest statistics already surpass the popularity of Apple iPhone.

So this time Apple will face a tight solid competition and they must hit it hard to keep the spirit in the market. As usual they are not giving up. Instead they try to innovate and hold their crown as the best. Seems this time they are trying to uplift the standard of iPhone body. That’s where the “Liquid Metal” came to the picture.


What is Liquid Metal?

The subjected liquid metal is not really a liquid. It’s a metallic allow which you can mold like plastic, but still it’s having metallic characteristics. Back in 2010 Apple inc got the patent rights to use this in their commercial products.

Liquid metal could be used to manufacture fine structure due to its molding capability. After the construction it will be strong as any other metal. After 2010 Apple has used this liquid metal material to manufacture some parts of their products such as SIM removal tool in iPhone 3G.

Advantages of Using Liquid Metal for iPhone Body

Liquid metal marital is stronger and durable. Regardless of the strong behavior it could be molded like plastic. This makes ideal material to produce the iPhone body. With liquid metal it will be stronger, thinner and very fine construction like you never experienced.


Wrapping Up

Recently Apple purchased a massive amount of material which need to produce Liquid metal. That is the underlying reason for us to assume that it will be used in next iPhone. However there are no official records to prove this news.

If they actually decide to use Liquid metal for iPhone body it will solve lots of problems which current iPhone has. Even today iPhone is having solid build quality compared to plastic body of Samsung phones. The material used to build the body is Glass and metal. There is a glass layer on top of metal body to give a smooth finish.

If they will be using Liquid metal there is no requirement to use Glass to give it a smooth finish. Liquid metal could be molded to give same or better finish. Due to this body will be thinner and lighter.

So there is a high chance that Apple will use Liquid metal to construct the iPhone 5 body. This will be a breakthrough in Smartphone build quality. The expected release is around next September. Be prepare to enjoy a technological excitement and a war.

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