Schedule Facebook and Twitter Sharing With Buffer

When you are doing social media marketing, you must be preparing content throughout the day. In early half of day you may come up with short blog post, then after lunch a catch tag line may come up to your mind which goes with your product.

However, share those in social media once you produce them is not a good idea. You have to wait till the peak time comes. Then only you can expose them to targeted maximum about of people. Prepare all the blog posts, tweets and facebook shares, and then wait till the peak time comes is way not practical for a busy person.

What you really need is a container which is connected with all your social media account. There you can store your sharable content and it will automatically share them in a given time. This kind of set up will definitely save lots of time for you. The solution you are looking for is Buffer.


How to Start Using Buffer?

  • Go to Buffer web app and register yourself.
  • You can sign in with Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn.
  • It will take you to Buffer Dashboard.
  • There you can connect other social media accounts as well. Proceed with that the way you want.
  • Before you start buffering, better take a look as stetting. Go to settings from top navigation bar.
  • There you can connect accounts, set URL shortening service, and time zone. Set them as appropriate.
  • Tweeting schedule is very important. There you have to select identified peak days and peak times to share content. If you need to access advanced scheduling features you have to purchase the pro service.
  • Now you have to explore sharing options in Buffer. For that go to Apps and extras.
  • There you have wide range of options including browser plug-in and Smartphone applications. Choose and setup them the way you want. I setup chrome browser extension.
  • Now it’s all good to go!

When you see a interesting web content press buffer button in your browser toolbar. You can do the same in your Smartphone sharing options as well. Then it will give you a pop up. There you can edit your message, add photos, post now or buffer. If you choose buffer it will be scheduled to your first possible time slot you configured before. One time slot holds only one tweet. So next tweet will automatically goes to next time slot. They will be tweeted automatically when the given time comes.

Once you install buffer browser plug-in, it’s getting seamlessly integrated to web interfaces of social networks. So when you go to update status or share something in Facebook or tweet or re-tweet in Twitter you will be able to see the green buffer button integrated in to web interface.

In the dashboard you can see your sharing buffer. You can edit them, delete them re arrange them. There you can see the analytics for your previous sharing as well. If you take a look at Apps and Extras sections you will find lot more buffer integrations for many other web applications.

Wrapping Up

Buffer is a great app and great concept. Browser plug-ins and web integration is working great, no glitches. I tried buffer Android application. It was not a great job crashed few times and operations were not so smooth. Didn’t get to try iPhone application, you may fill that part for me.

This will be very useful for Social media marketers and it’s letting you to work with your team as well. And of course this is a great tool for anyone to schedule your social sharing. Try Buffer and tell us more interesting things you get to know.

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