How to Develop a Custom Google +1 Button?

Google+, the new social network by internet giant is getting popular at an exponential rate. And of course they already have a huge customer base and all they have to do is to promote this new product among them. However no one can deny the fact that Google+ is very special kind of social network with very unique features.


In parallel to Google+ they introduced +1 buttons for web masters. However the design of +1 button is non alterable and doesn’t go with most of the common web templates. And there is no official Google+ share button. If you already have +1 button, when you take your mouse over, it will pop up sharing window which is very user unfriendly.

If you can design your own Google +1 and share button with your own icon, it will be good news for most webmasters.

Steps to Develop

  • As the first step you need a suitable icon for Google+ share button. Find it and edit it the way you want.
  • Then you have to prepare Google+ share URL. Take a look at the below code. URL
  • Replace ‘YOUR URL’ with actual page URL.
  • If you are using wordpress blog, you can use below code.
  • Then the current page URL will be dynamically generated.
  • Finally you have to take your user to another tab or pop up on click.
  • If you want to take your user to another tab use below code.