How to Get More Twitter Followers?

Twitter is a “Micro blogging” service which changed the face of online social networking. Most of the social networks were trying to add more and more features to their web applications while twitter removed most of the features but kept only “text update” limited to 140 characters like in SMS. This became a blast all over the globe and became one of the top 10 web sites within a very short time.

The simplicity and text based nature of twitter opened many windows for surfers such as bloggers, researchers, and marketers and politicians. For a general user you can express yourself with short text message using web interface or may be using your mobile phone. Researchers can see what the hot topics are right now while politician used “tweets” to develop social behavioral models to support their campaigns.


If you plan to do massive online promotions using twitter, you came to the right place. But main thing is, before you proceed you have to have a considerable amount of “twitter followers” who are interested in what you are going to promote. Here I’m trying to give you a few tips on getting more targeted twitter followers to get the maximum benefit out of your online promotion.

Make Your Profile Visible

The main thing, everyone on internet should be able to see your twitter profile even before they sign in to twitter. It’s not only your profile your tweets also should be publicly visible. To get this thing done you can follow below path.

Twitter -> Settings -> Account -> Uncheck “Protect My Tweets”

Now your tweets are publicly visible. If you insert a appropriate “Username” it will further increase the search engines visibility. To make your profile looks cool, brand it with your logo or relevant content. For that you have to go to below settings page.

Twitter -> Settings -> Design -> Change background image ->Upload a custom branded background

Now you are ready to tweet.

Tweet Interestingly and More Frequently

After setting up the twitter profile correctly, you should start tweeting. When you tweet make sure you tweet interestingly to the target crowd with targeted keywords and with good frequency. Additionally, if you tweet in peak hours, there is a greater probability that many people will see your tweets in “Public time line” and through Searches.

If you have a blog you can setup automated tweeting of your blog posts using TwitterFeed. If your blog is running on WordPress platform, you can use the plug-in WordTwit.

Following Targeted and Relevant Twitter Profile

Now your twitter profile is filled with relevant, interesting tweets which will lead your target users towards interesting content. Then the main target is getting more twitter followers. Once you have followers your tweets will be visible in their home page.

Easiest way to get followers is to find the relevant twitter profile and follow them. There is a higher probability that they will follow you back since you have relevant and interesting tweets.

To find relevant twitter profiles you can try searching targeted keywords. In the search result, go to the profiles and follow them.

Follow Back Your Followers

After sometime, you will figure out that you are getting followed by people whom you are not following. Make sure you follow them back to return the favor and keep them as followers in the long run.

Sometimes they might not be the targeted crowd you need. But it would not cost you any to keep them in your profile as followers. More the followers you have more the value it will add to your profile.

Automated Profile Following

There is some software developed to automate the above mentioned steps. However you have to use them with the risk of getting banned from twitter. To minimize that risk avoid excessive usage of the particular software.

My suggestion for such software is TweetAdder. It automatically finds relevant twitter profile based on given criteria such as geographical location, bio, keywords in tweets etc. Then you can configure the application to automatically follow the profiles which you already listed. Further you can automatically un-follow the people who didn’t return the favor within a given period of time.

This software will help you to increase the number of followers drastically with in short period of time. Use it very carefully following the Software guidelines. If you use its default configuration, there will be a minimum risk of getting banned.

Paid Service to Get Twitter Followers

If you need to further speed up the growth of followership, you can go for a paid service and buy twitter followers. There are lots of services providing targeted guaranteed twitter followers to your account in a short period of time.

Some of the services ask for your username and password which they need for following and follow back in order to get more twitter followers to your account. In that case make sure you go for a trustworthy service. “” would be a good choice if you need to pay to get more twitter followers in a short time.

Additionally there is another service who doesn’t ask for your twitter account password, yet they take a long time to give the expected results.

Through this post I am providing an organized set of techniques to acquire more Twitter followers in both less time consuming and more time consuming, yet secured ways. It is now your call to make a good use of it according to your business requirement.

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