Ultrabook – Standardization for Better Laptops

In last few years laptop computers made a huge leap. They were smaller and less powerful. But today they are even smaller but more powerful than most average desktop computers. However if you are planning to buy a Laptop and you seek a high quality device you have very few options.

There are various laptop manufactures in the market including HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and many more. Most of their laptops are sold with Windows OEM license. They are popular, number of sales was increasing year by year, but I have noticed significant decrease in manufacturing quality.

Most of the Laptops were having poor design, thick and heavy. Failure rate of display was scary. Battery is the worst, in first few months you could enjoy 3-4 hours but gradually it’s getting decreased to 1-2 hours. Some of the laptops are not giving expected performance from day one. Market is flooded by many numbers of brands and models. So it’s a nightmare for average customer. It’s very confusing and very difficult to pick a right laptop for requirement.


Mac Branded Apple Computers

This environment made a good opportunity for Apple who manufacture desktop and laptop computers. They highly standardize their iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air which gave them good competitive advantage. All those devices were carefully engineered in both hardware and software aspect to give optimum performance. Manufacturing quality was maintained at greater levels to make those devices highly durable.

In customers’ point of view, it’s an easy pick. If you need a desktop computer, it’s iMac. If you need laptop, it’s MacBook Pro and for netbook, it’s MacBook Air. All you have to do is go to Apple Store and select your Mac. Apple was gaining market share as well as a loyal customer base day by day and continues to improve their product quality and standards.

Introduction of Ultrabook Standardization

While Apple increases the quality and standardization of their devices, most of the other laptops continue to fail in the market. There was no one single brand which customers could depend on. So most of the people started using Mac branded laptops.

Recently as a good competition to Mac, Intel introduced “Ultrabook” brand. However this brand is not manufacture specific like Mac. Any Laptop manufacture can get authorization to use this brand as long as their product meet the below standards.

Ultrabook Standards

  • Processor: Sandy Bridge / Intel Core Series / CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage)
  • Maximum Weight: 1.5 KG
  • Maximum closed thickness: 14.0” models 21mm
  • Minimum battery life: 5 hours
  • Maximum resume time: 7 Seconds
  • Software: Intel Management Engine / Intel Anti-theft Technology / Intel Identity Protection Technology

Other than specification it indirectly forces the manufactures to include at least 4 GB of RAM and SSD. This would be required to keep the resume time under 7 seconds.

This is a great idea. If you see the Ultrabook branding in any laptop from any manufactures, it says the device complies with above standards. You don’t have to dig deep in to technical specification with techy jargons. This will be a good competition to Apple Mac brand in the market. However, still a MacBook Pro could make any Ultrabook looks like an antique.

Ultrabook standards are evolving according to improving technology and market demands. In future revisions you will be able to find standards for port such as USB 3.0. In addition there is a high chance for them to add standards ensuring durability such as display resolution, aluminum unibody and life span of battery. Hope Ultrabook will be able to give a solid competition to Mac in future market.

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